My GOBS Uganda Journey

March 23,2016 I met Allan Tenywa who is the director of GOBS Children’s Foundation in Uganda. He told me o the children who were not able to go to school because they did not have the funds available. Of course this broke my heart into a million pieces! 

And it did not take long before they had me heart! The more we talked the more I learned about the needs of these children. In September 2016 GOBS received its Certificate of Registration. I was chosen to be a representative from the states, Tennessee to be exact.

How can an ordinary girl from a small town help these children so far away? I have no idea but I intend to find out. God put Uganda on my heart on 2010 and it has never left. I have prayed constantly for Him to put on someone’s heart to help them, I’m starting to see that I am that person.

I talked to Allan late last week about seeing if we can get all of the 120 orphans and needy children into school and us pay the balance at the end of the year in December. He said he would try but thy probably will not take that many. 

Monday morning Allan and I spoke on the phone and he told me that all the orphans and needy children may go to school hook on the promise we will pay the balance in December! I am overwhelmed!!!! He said this never happens unless you are an internationally recognized organization. They accepted because they see him in the village all the time helping the children.

God is moving in this community and I cannot wait to see what He does next!